Chicken meat is without doubt the most popular poultry meat. Everywhere in the world chicken is being produced and consumped. Cultures everywhere appreciate chickenmeat in their own special way. We dedicate ourselves to optimise client satisfaction. It’s your demand that thrives us. Wether it’s fresh or frozen, halal or not halal, chicken breast/innerfillet/wings/feet/livers, from Europe, Brasil or Asia, raw/cooked/IQF, In2Meat can supply you!

Turkey meat is one of the best proteinsources with an extremely high quality of protein. Turkey is growing in popularity. Whole breasts, trimmings, legmeat, wings, feet, livers, ask In2Meat and we can deliver! 

Duck meat is consumed all over the world and popular for it’s unique meat and fat flavours. Combined with the juicy structure duck is appreciated as a true delicatesse. In2Meat can offer all Duck meat from breast, whole ducks, trimmings, legmeat, wings, feets and offals like hearts and livers.